Personal Weekend Retreats

whether you are curious...

... about what life on an ashram is like, or need some quiet downtime relaxing in a tranquil healing environment, you are welcome to spend a weekend at Kashi! Beginning with meditation on Friday afternoon and ending with yoga on Sunday morning, there are more than 15 optional activities to choose from as an introduction to ashram life. Or if solitude is what you need, you can explore the footpaths around the 80 acre property and go down to the St Sebastian River.

Yoga is more than exercise

Our approach to yoga is equally off the mat as on the mat. 

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yoga immersions

Join us for three annual yoga immersions. Full of diverse offerings, they are a great gift for yourself or for a friend. Reserve your spot now for the next one day yoga retreat on May 11, 2019.


breath & SOUND

Pranayam, or the practice of breath control, is an ancient art that is incorporated into all Kali Natha Yoga asanas. A great resource to add to your daily practice is Ma Jaya's book, First Breath Last Breath. Mantra and kirtan are also great yogic tools using the vibration of sound. Don't miss our monthly Friday kirtan evenings!

Located within a 40-year-old intentional community in Florida, Sustainable Kashi offers retreats, workshops and immersions on 80 acres of protected native Florida land next to the wild 30,000 acre St. Sebastian River Nature Preserve. Here you can eat, learn and explore your inner landscape as part of an intentional community to help reconnect to our precious eco-system. Treat yourself to a complete immersion into nature and community with a Sustainable Kashi retreat.


homesteading PDC (#2)

March 22-24, 2019

The second of four weekend modules of the 2019 Permaculture Design Course. In this class we're diving into Homesteading - producing our own food, energy, and water, learning about Composting, Organic farming- Biochar, Alt Energy- Bio Gas, and Seeds.


Farm to table dinners

Keep an eye on our calendar for seasonal scheduled farm to table dinners! Prepared with produce either grown at Kashi or from a local supplier, these dinners are a feast for the eye as well as the body! 

applying functionality PDC (#3)

April 19-21, 2019

In this module we'll be exploring methods of putting some important tools together using the patterns found in nature: Appropriate Technology, Earth Works, Broad scale, Stacking Functions, Functional analysis, and Site analysis.